Greetings from the Red Houseboat

Welcome to my blog Well Ordered Space, where I'll be sharing ideas about living with intention, choosing those things that bring you joy, and of course decluttering and organizing tips.

For the past five years I've lived on the water in a houseboat, also called a floating home. My move to a houseboat encouraged my career in decluttering and organizing.

 It all began when I was browsing Craigslist. For years I'd thought about living on a houseboat, but the idea of downsizing overwhelmed me. One night I saw my dream, the Red Houseboat on the river, and I fell in love! The next day I called the realtor. In short, my husband and I became the proud owners of the Red Houseboat. In the process we downsized from a three bedroom house with quarter acre of land, to a 900 square foot houseboat with a deck for a yard.  Our move involved the use of a barge, which is a story for later. We don't need our lawnmower now! It's been great fun!

 These days I have to carry everything I need down ramps to my houseboat, and carry everything I don't need out, I have extra motivation to keep things simple. I find that keeping only what truly matters to me, has given me more time for doing the things I love, with the people I love, and that's pretty wonderful.

Please continue to drift with me as I add more posts from my Red Houseboat on the river.