Karen first encouraged me to create a vision of my future office space.  We developed a list of areas in the room to declutter.  She prompted me and worked with me through the tedious tasks, tasks I was reluctant to undertake on my own.  Karen also assisted me in setting up methods for managing my paperwork.  With her help, I now have a simple, refreshing space for work , music and meditation.                    

 Homeowner, North Portland, OR

Thanks for the encouragement!  I felt like I was slogging through, but my load lightened the more I got rid of.  Your comments re-framed the process and helped me focus on my goals and desired results, those were especially helpful.  Your compassionate and non-judgmental attitude made it possible for me to accept my living space, and see clearly how I 'd like my environment to be.  

Thanks for helping me gain perspective, for your knowledge, and your skillful support.  Having you get the stuff I decided to discard out of the house immediately, helped so much! 

Homeowner, West Hills Portland, OR

To my joyful "taskmaster" -  Thank you for getting me on the right track, but especially in the right frame of mind for this long needed task.  To future cleansing...

Floating Home Owner, Scappoose, OR

My home has only one closet for storage on the entire first floor.  With Karen's assistance, I was able to better utilize the space for the things I need.  Now when I open the closet door, I can see everything neatly organized in baskets according to their function.  I can actually find what I'm looking for.

 Karen asks a series of questions intended to help you determine whether you really need to hold onto a particular item or not.  I found this very helpful, and was able to purge a number of items from my home that were just taking up valuable space. 

Homeowner, Southwest Portland,  OR

Karen helped me to transition from my two story house into assisted living.  She helped me to select comfortable things for my new place from the things in my home.  Karen made all the arrangements with the movers, and did an excellent job in securing people to sell my furnishings and my home.  Everything was in place on the day I moved into my new home.  It felt very comfortable.

Karen's Dad, Clarks Summit, PA

Dad and me.

Dad and me.